Warning about false Teresas

Recently we’ve been noticing that somebody by the name of “Teresa” is sending messages on the contact forms of our clients encouraging them to sign up for some SEO company.

Please take note: we are in no way affiliated with these people, we don’t condone what they’re doing, and these messages are certainly NOT coming from our Teresa.

We can’t stop them from using your contact form, but we can warn you to be VERY careful of people like this; they’re all too often scammers, or simply out to enrich themselves at your expense.

Any time someone from Castlewood needs to contact you, we’ll do so via phone or our official Castlewood email accounts, which feature our names and credentials in the signature. And if you EVER notice something strange, or have a question about ANYTHING, please let us know.

Thanks for your time, and best wishes in all your business ventures.

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