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Website Pricing Page PicHow Much Will My Website Cost?

This is One of the First Questions that Every Business Owner Asks

We work closely with hundreds of small business owners to give them absolutely the best website at the lowest cost, without sacrificing quality.  We know that sounds like a sales pitch, but it is true.  As a business owner you obviously have to keep costs down.  So we look for ways to provide you with just what you need, no more and no less.  As we mention often, we have a vested interest in your success.

Below you will find our price structure as to date (prices are subject to change).  We have developed a system based on a basic website starting with five pages and hosting.  This basic package includes web page updates throughout the year, free updates, consultations, and advice, visitor-tracking reports, and more.

Please call for a quote for  businesses requiring more advanced websites with numerous pages or shopping carts for instance.


Website Design & Development

It’s Like Having Your Own Marketing Department for the Cost of 2 Pizzas a Month!

Small business owners are a unique breed, and quite frankly our favorite type of people to associate with.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the pioneers of the twenty-first century, with a spirit of survival and perseverance not often found in the average man or woman.

Do I Really Need a Website or Video for my business?

Almost every small business, (but not all), needs a website.  Furthermore, almost every website, (but not all), can drastically be improved by a professional video.  By “improved” we don’t mean made to look prettier or cooler.  A website is a powerful marketing tool.  It has a job or many jobs.  It is not a work of art to simply be displayed.

It must either:

  • Enhance the Identity of your business
  • Offer current clients or potential customers a service or product
  • Convey desired information to potential customers in order to build rapport
  • Sell a product or service
  • Encourage people to take action, like contacting you, purchasing something, or visiting your place of business

The bottom line is your website is designed to eventually bring in more business!  Having one million visitors to your website is completely useless if it does not eventually generate more sales.

So What About the Website & Video Offer?

We have worked for over a year to develop this offer to help small businesses compete with the big boys.  Many small businesses have limited resources.  We are very much aware of that because we have been there.  We had to develop a way to offer the same or better services that are at the disposal of larger corporations to the small business owner.  By recently acquiring a web hosting company, merging our Video Production Division with our Marketing Department and developing a simple system, we have found a way to basically offer every small business their own marketing department for the cost of two pizzas a month.

Custom-Designed Professional Website Development Package (2016 prices)

Payment Option #1:
Only $39 per month!

The package benefits include:

*Custom-Designed Website:  Begin with a 5 page website.  (Includes 3 custom pages plus 1 “Contact” page & 1 “Privacy Policy”)  More pages may be added at any time for a one-time fee of $25 per each additional page.  This does not affect your monthly payment.

  • Your own Domain Name (i.e. with yearly registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Free Technical Upgrades of your site (Approximately 52 per year.)
  • Free text updates once a month (up to three pages)
  • Free picture updates once a month (up to three pictures)
  • Website Statistics & Traffic Reports (see just how many people are visiting your site and how they are getting there)
  • Set up of Google Business page
  • Up to 10 email addresses (i.e.
  • Free Set up of email forwarding at your request (forward your emails to another email address)
  • Free Set up auto-responders at your request (i.e. when you receive an email an automatic message can go out to let people know you will be unavailable for a certain amount of time)
  • A FREE Mobile Friendly version of your website. (Some specific types of websites are excluded.)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) incorporated on all pages managed by Castlewood.
  • Free Phone Support
  • Courtesy phone call from a Castlewood representative about once a quarter to see if you have any updates needed (Of course you may call Castlewood at any time with any questions or concerns.) There will be no charge for phone consultations.
  • And anything else that we can do to help you remain competitive and increase your customer base.

All of this for $39 per month with a two year commitment.  The fee is automatically charged to the client’s credit card on a monthly basis.  We do require the first three months payments in advance.  Your monthly billing does not begin for three months until the advance payment has been used in full.

Payment Option #2:
Pay $400 in advance plus $20 per month with a 2 year agreement.  You still receive the full 2 year package benefits as stated above.

Payment Option #3:
Ask about paying the full 2 years in advance and receiving a discount. You still receive the full 2 year package benefits as stated above. (Some restrictions may apply.)


What About the VIDEO?

We have been helping small businesses promote their companies for many years through our professional video services.  Our video production company has been hired to do concerts for many well-known entertainers, promotional DVDs for larger corporations, large dance recitals and beauty contests, memorials and more.  Our video production department is one of the most well-respected and well-known video companies in the Midwest.  You can bet we can help showcase your business no matter how big or small.  Take a look at samples of many of the web videos that we have done for small businesses in the past.  Sample Web Videos

Our current price for an average professional web video is $629.  Many competitors charge from $2,300 to over $3,000.  (We know this for a fact, because many of them charge their clients these astronomical fees and then hire Castlewood Studios to do the work for a fraction of the cost.)  We will send a crew to your location and produce a fantastic promotional video for your website for a fraction of that cost (extra mileage cost may be incurred if business is over a 30 mile radius from our location).  This promotional video becomes yours to use for other marketing venues and promotions.


You may have other questions that we have not answered.  Please feel free to give us a call or email us with any questions or concerns that you may have.  Our philosophy is to treat others as we would want to be treated and we feel our job is to help you and your business succeed.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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