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About Castlewood Studios, the Lebanon Missouri Company
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Castlewood Studios The #1 Name in Missouri Website Design & Development, Internet Marketing, and Videography

Castlewood Studios Video Production About UsCastlewood Studios has been in the web design, internet, and digital content-creation business for the past 18 years. We’ve done everything in that time from designing business websites and logos to producing and distributing entire video projects and television commercials, planning and conducting online advertising campaigns for diverse clients, and providing the kind of customer service and support we’d want to receive.

As the demand for website design, internet marketing and promotion, and video production continues to grow, we look forward to helping new and old clients alike market their products and services and achieve the success they’ve worked so hard for.
We decided early on to focus on helping businesses get the most out of their websites, internet marketing efforts, and video productions as cost-effectively as possible. Today, after years of experience and long-lasting relationships with people we often consider friends, we feel honored by how many have chosen to put their trust in us, and we’re delighted by how happy they are with the results we’ve produced for many of them.


Location, Location, Location

We are located in Lebanon, Missouri, which sits almost dead center in the state. Many of our clients stem from Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Joplin, Ft. Leonard Wood and Lake of the Ozarks, which are within easy driving distance of our location. However, lately we’ve been attracting more and more clients from all over the United States, and have sent employees as far as Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Colorado. So please don’t let distance stand in the way of using Castlewood Studio for your website design & development, internet marketing, and video production needs.

We have designed hundreds of websites for all kinds of businesses; from dog breeders to artists, for large companies and Churches and Chambers of Commerce. We devote a great deal of time to ensuring our websites work across a huge variety of devices, and we’re constantly testing and upgrading our security measures to protect our clients and their investments from hackers, con-artists, and all the other criminals who view the internet as their personal playground.


And What About Our Experience?

We’re known to say that a website is the most cost-effective way to market your business, and we stand by that. But online advertising can be a surprisingly effective way for companies to gain new customers and increase sales. For example, we recently helped one of our clients generate over $10,000 in revenue in less than a month, and drove hundreds of potential customers to another client’s site in just under a week. Despite our initial reservations, we were excited to discover that online advertising was more than a fad, it’s a great way for businesses of all sizes to receive many of the same benefits as traditional advertising media like radio, print, and TV,  and for only a fraction of the cost.

When it comes to videography and video production, we have decades of experience and a long list of satisfied customers that choose to retain our services year after year. We’ve competed a diverse array of video projects, from commercial and community event DVD’s to award ceremonies and beauty pageants, web commercials and music videos to biannual dance recitals, and promotional videos for churches and variety performers. We have also developed and produced educational and instructional DVD’s in the scientific area, filmed company plant tours and horse ranch promotions, and even had the opportunity to film and produce explosive demolition projects!


Friends Helping Friends (with websites, marketing, video, and more)

Long-term relationships have been the foundation of our business since its inception. That is why we consider ourselves partners rather than suppliers. From small businesses to the largest companies, we know our job is to help your business succeed. This is more than our policy, it’s our mission, and it dictates all our decisions. That’s why our knowledgeable staff always puts customer service first, and treats others how they themselves would want to be treated: fairly, and with respect for their time, money, and goals. For example, at one point we converted our standard DVDs to a much higher quality DVD. These new DVDs were more expensive to produce, but we chose to not only make the switch, but to absorb the additional cost as well,  rather than pass it on to our customers. We do things like that because our clients are not just one-time buyers; they’re the people responsible for our continued success, and we want to take care of them. Once we obtain a new customer, they become part of our family, and we plan on seeing them again and again.

No matter if it’s website design and development, video production, or marketing your business online, we approach every job the same way; with a sincere desire to see you succeed. We take time getting to know our clients, their businesses, their offerings and their customers– all so we can more effectively market their products and services and give them the biggest bang for their buck we possibly can. We don’t just build a website and then leave, we do our best to keep your products or services ranking high in your market. After all, a pretty website is worthless unless people see it, and you get results.  That’s why, although our websites are great looking, we build all of our sites with one main goal in mind; to work for you.

One of the things we get compliments on the most is the degree of communication between Castlewood and our clients. We love sincere compliments, but the real reason we do it is because we want you to feel comfortable calling us any time with questions, concerns or advice. We do not charge for phone consultations, and you’ll always speak with a human, never an automated voice system (unless it is after business hours). We know all too well how frustrating it is to leave a message on a company’s answering machine and never get a return phone call, so we strive to always return every call we can. We know the relationships we build with our clients are the most important things they share with us, and we take the responsibility and trust they give us extremely seriously.


Down To Business (your business, to be precise)

If it sounds like you’d like to do business with Castlewood, then we want to do business with you! Give us a call today at 417-532-2329, and let us show you why there’s something special about Castlewood.

If you have any further questions regarding video production or videography, website design and development, or marketing your company online or off, please feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to show you all the ways we can help you grow your business and serve your patrons.



Remember, Castlewood Studios is the #1 name in Website Design/Development
and Internet Marketing, as well as
Videography and Video Production.

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