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What’s the best style of website for your business, and could choosing style over substance spell its doom? Click Here to find out!

Please Help us to Better Understand Your Needs for Your New Website

Sometimes it is difficult for the designer to understand the vision that you, the new website owner, have in mind. So to help bring both you and the designer on the same page we have included below, samples of colors and menu styles.

Of course there are hundreds of thousands of variations on theses styles that we can use to create a unique look for your new website.  However, your input will act as a springboard for our graphic artist to begin designing the project in the style in which you may have in mind.

When talking to your account representative, please use the following descriptions so our designer can get it right the first time.


You may have a company logo and company colors you want incorporated into the design of your new website. Please refer to the web friendly chart below with accompanying color names when selecting your colors. Don’t worry, your website will not be just one solid color unless you request that. We just need a base color and/or a secondary complimentary or secondary color to get us started.

Select a Base Color (and/or a secondary color) for Your New Website

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Website Color Choices

Header Menu

As the Internet develops, and tablets, smart phones and even smart T.V. s play a bigger part in web browsing, designs of websites have had to change. Building a website that is both functional and pleasing to the viewer becomes a challenge when you never know which type of device your visitor will be viewing your website. For example, sidebar menus used to be the norm. However, they become very problematic when scrolling down the site on a phone.

Here are five standard placements of menus today. Please let us know what your preference is.

Menu at the Bottom of the Header

Menu at the Bottom Within the Header

Menu at the Top of the Header

Menu at the Top and Overlaid on the Header

Menu at the Top Within the Header

Images For Your Header

If you have an image you would like incorporated into your header, just send it to your representative via email. Include any special requests you may have regarding such things as placement or size.

Please do not ask us to remove the background of an image. We can do this but it can be time consuming and we will have to ask for a small additional fee to cover the cost.

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What’s the best style of website for your business, and could choosing style over substance spell its doom? Click Here to find out!

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