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Tips, Tricks & Instructions for a Better Website

Below you will find tips, suggestions and videos to help you better understand and manage your website, help your business run more smoothly, maintain your valuable hardware, and protect yourself from con-artists.


How to Use FotosizerHow To Optimize Your Pictures with Fotosizer
When it comes to putting pictures on your website, using the wrong settings can slow your site to a crawl. Watch this video about how to get the most out of your pictures using a free program called Fotosizer

How to set up Aliases in Gmail
Ever wish you could reply to business emails directly from your personal email, but make it look like it’s coming from your work email? Here’s how to easily set up an email Alias in Gmail

upload iconHow To Upload Text & Pictures to Your Site
If you’re new to your website, doing simple things can appear more complicated than they are. Watch this video to learn how to upload text and pictures

Use MalwareBytes Free to Destroy Malware on Your Computer
There are lots of threats online waiting to exploit or destroy your personal information. Learn how to use this easy, free program to protect your devices and your business.

How To Set Up a Paypal Button to Sell On Your Website
Buying and selling items online is easy, but some of the details are a little murky. This video explains how to use a PayPal button to sell items on your website

setting up an iphoneHow To Set Up Your iPhone To Get Email
Setting up your email on an iPhone can sometimes be a little tricky. Learn how to connect your email account to your iPhone here

How To Set Up Your Android Device To Get Email
Setting up your email on an Android can be as tricky as it is on an iPhone. Learn how to connect your email account to your Android device here

How To Update Your Website From Your Smartphone
If you need to update your website, but aren’t sitting in front of your PC, let us show you How to update your website from your phone here

GoogleMyBusiness-ThumbHow To Update Your Google Business Page
If you don’t already have a Google Business page, consider getting one. They’re easy, free, and you’d be surprised how useful they sometime are. Learn how to update your Google Business page like a pro here

Pirifrom-with-CCleaner-Logo1How To Use CCleaner to Clean Up Your Computer
Computers build up junk files that can slow them down in time. Learn how a free program called CCleaner can bring your machine back up to speed

windows-10-upgrade-scamWatch Out for Windows 10 Upgrade Scams
Thinking of updating to Windows 10? Then watch out for scammers. Learn how scammers are tricking people, and what you can do to avoid them


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