A Gift Of Free eBooks

Is advertising important to the growth and success of your business? Are you constantly searching for information that makes your marketing cheaper, easier, and most importantly, more effective?

If so, then Castlewood Studios would like to share these fantastic free eBooks with you!

Advertising is a complex field, and simply jumping in unprepared can be an expensive way of learning. But the principles behind advertising have remained the same even though the technology we use to deliver our ads has advanced so much, and learning the fundamentals of advertising now will make your advertising efforts easier in the future.

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Warning about false Teresas

Recently we’ve been noticing that somebody by the name of “Teresa” is sending messages on the contact forms of our clients encouraging them to sign up for some SEO company.

Please take note: we are in no way affiliated with these people, we don’t condone what they’re doing, and these messages are certainly NOT coming from our Teresa.

We can’t stop them from using your contact form, but we can warn you to be VERY careful of people like this; they’re all too often scammers, or simply out to enrich themselves at your expense.

Any time someone from Castlewood needs to contact you, we’ll do so via phone or our official Castlewood email accounts, which feature our names and credentials in the signature. And if you EVER notice something strange, or have a question about ANYTHING, please let us know.

Thanks for your time, and best wishes in all your business ventures.

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What Is Split Testing (A/B Testing) In Marketing?

Meet The Chumbeques_640x351Marketing is tricky, even for the professionals. So how do the professionals save time and money when it comes to designing ads? By following this simple motto: ABT– Always Be Testing.

Will your customers like the red background better than blue? Should you say more or less? Should you take a positive, welcoming tone in your ad, or play up people’s fears? Despite what some “gurus” might try to tell you, the only honest answer is “nobody knows until you test”.

Sounds complicated, right? Well it is, but not only are you smart enough to master it, but even the simplified version will do your marketing a world of good. Read this article to learn more about how A/B testing can improve the quality and effectiveness of your advertising while saving you money.

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This Free Program Could Save Your Business, Your Devices, and Your Privacy

Malwarebytes Article ImageIf you’ve been on the internet for more than 5 minutes, you know just how many people out there would be only too happy to use your personal or financial information to their advantage. But when not just regular people and business are at risk from these criminals, but even entire countries, what can you do to protect yourself, your devices, and your business’ private information from hackers and criminals online?

Using this free program might just be the easiest way to protect yourself online, and we’ll show you exactly how. When you’re done your devices will be free of parasites, and your information just a little (or a lot) safer.

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Here’s How To Boost Your Website’s Rankings


You might have a great website, but if it’s six pages back in the search results, hardly anyone might see it. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a Search-Engine-Optimization expert to improve your website- if you’re willing to put in a little work.

Quality content on your site will help. So will having lots of quality backlinks. But what exactly is “quality content”, and how do backlinks work? Is there anything that could actually hurt your website’s rankings?

If you have a site that isn’t ranking as well as you’d like, or you want to maximize the number of people that see your site, or just want to gain a better understanding of how search-engines like Google actually rank your website, then Castlewood has good news: There are a few things you can do to improve it right now, and they’re nearly all free.

Here are Several surprising things you can do to boost your website’s rankings in the search-engines.

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Castlewood now offers an affordable way to increase your website’s success

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationAre you tired of your website ranking poorly in the search-engines? Do you want to attract more customers, increase your sales, and improve your brand’s reputation? If so, you’re not alone; millions of other businesses all over the world want the same thing. But improving your website’s rankings and attracting more customers can be extremely difficult if your site lacks quality content.

Search-engines like Google and Bing will penalize your site for not having enough quality content. And if you’re site is ranked poorly, fewer visitors will find your site. Fewer visitors to your site results in not only fewer potential customers and lost sales, but also missing out on generating positive word-of-mouth from your satisfied customers.

Castlewood understands that running your company is your main priority. We know how difficult and time-consuming writing effective content is, especially when you’ve got so many other important details to worry about. That’s why we’re now offering our clients high-quality content creation anyone can afford.

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Get More Sales With Great Content

notepad_tell your storyDid you know one of the main ways search-engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others decide how well a website ranks is by the amount of quality content it provides?

Useful, well-written information helps visitors find your website and your products and services. It also helps increase your website’s rankings in the search-engines, which can lead to more visitors and more sales.

Click Here to find out how you can use quality content to increase your sales

And if you don’t have the time or desire to write it yourself, Castlewood Studios now offers affordable, quality content creation. Want to know more? Contact us here, or Give us a call

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Cheap Websites – You Get What You Pay For

Blog Cheap Website PicMaking a website, whether for personal or business reasons, takes time and careful planning. Without proper search-engine optimization, structure, layout, and much more, visitors may never find your site, or write it off in the first few seconds if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

While there are an increasing number of free programs that allow you to make your own website, in reality it’s not that simple. Just because your nephew, neighbor, or friend can add some pictures and text to a webpage doesn’t mean the site will attract and convert customers. And if it doesn’t do that, what is it doing for you?

There are thousands of pages online covering every topic imaginable related to web design, like the optimal font size for posts, the best way to create a navigation menu, how to write for different kinds of readers, understanding the way people typically read a page, and much more. This means making a website that meets you needs takes time, experience, and commitment.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Ask yourself; would you rather have a certified, experienced mechanic work on your vehicle, or some random person that knocked on your door?

Castlewood Studios is often asked to fix existing websites created by someone else. Many times, these updates (and outright fixes) cost their owners more in the long run than if they had sought a professional in the first place. Don’t waste your time and money dealing with amateurs and con artists, seek professional solutions.

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