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The Best Way to Sell Puppies Online is Your Own Dog Breeder Website

Owning your own website means you’re always in control. You never have to worry about following someone else’s rules, or needing their permission to sell your own puppies online.

For years we have been working with dog breeders across the country to design a highly-efficient and affordable system for marketing and selling their puppies.

Why? Because dog breeders trying to sell their puppies online are getting taken advantage of.

People try to sell their puppies online using one or more of the millions of 3rd-party puppy selling websites out there. Many of these sites are scams, and all of them will happily take your money, even if they never help you sell a single puppy. If you’re not careful, these sites can close out your account and keep your money if you overlook any fine print in their terms & conditions. Why? Because they said so, and by using their site, you agreed to their rules.

Other sites, like Facebook and Craigslist, have banned legitimate breeders, closing their pages and removing their posts simply for trying to find homes for their dogs and puppies using the Internet. Facebook’s goal is to keep people on Facebook, not to help you. This means it’ll show ads from your competitors right on your own page, or decide what you’re allowed to sell (or not) based on pressure from whichever special interest groups howl the loudest.

The Castlewood Difference

Castlewood Studios has years of experience working with legitimate dog breeders to build websites that work for them, not some faceless corporate entity.

Learn more about how we started helping people sell their puppies online.
Hear what our many satisfied customers have to say.

Just a few of the websites our dog breeders use to sell puppies online

Sell Your Puppies Online Pt.1: Your Custom Castlewood Website

So how does our system work? It starts with the website itself, which is custom designed to help sell your puppies online.

Since a slow site can lead to lost sales, your site is engineered to display flawlessly across all manner of devices, and packed with cutting-edge optimizations to make it load quickly and reliably on everything from a tiny smartphone to a large TV, even on slow wireless networks.

Our years of experience optimizing sites for speed, SEO, and layout give your visitors a great user experience on every device and makes them feel more confident buying from you.

Sell Your Puppies Online Pt.2: Internet Marketing

With your website built, next comes the marketing. We design and run advertising campaigns through Google Adwords and Facebook for many of our clients. We only charge a one-time $95 setup fee per account — which means we don’t have any incentive for you to advertise more than necessary, unlike nearly every other advertiser out there.

Over the years, our advertising campaigns have reliably sent tens of thousands of people to our clients’ websites. If you’re wanting to sell your puppies online, we highly recommend it, especially at first.

While we don’t make promises we can’t keep, we do know what works, what doesn’t, and how you can stack up against much larger operations while getting the most out of your Internet marketing dollars.

Selling Your Puppies Online with Castlewood Means Unmatched Service & Support

Did we mention our outstanding service and support? Here’s how it works. Want something updated? Done. Have a question? We’ll answer it. Worried about hackers and scammers? We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to bring a bit of sanity to all the madness.

Client Success Stories

Several of our clients have gone from no website or Internet presence to making tens of thousands of dollars a year through a combination of our services and their hard work.

One client already had a successful partnership, but was ready to strike out on their own. They were worried what they’d be giving up, but within a year they were making as many sales as before, only no longer having to split the proceeds in half.

*We can’t guarantee you’ll have similar results it depends on how hard you’re willing to work, demand for your breed, the level of competition, etc.

Client Testimonials

Castlewood Studios has been a wonderful asset to us in the past 5 years. Without their much needed, professional advice and hard work, our business would definitely not be what it is now. We very much appreciate their patience with our ignorance, questions, and blunders and also love the fact that we are treated like friends/family by David and Teresa!

–Joshua R. – Lakeside Farm Puppies

I have a big mouth & I tell everyone to call you if they are thinking about getting a website started. You all are great people to work with & I couldn’t be any happier with the site you did for us! I absolutely love it! Just wish I had of known about Castlewood Studios years sooner!

Cheri – Sweet P Poms

It’s been a great pleasure working with Castlewood Studios. They have greatly enhanced our small business! I have told a number of people about their services. The staff at Castlewood is very knowledgeable when it comes to online marketing, we definitely recommend!

–Lonnie Y, Pine Haven Puppies

Castlewood Studios are such great people to work with, very social and caring about you as a client. Customer satisfaction is their priority and they do an amazing job. They always answer the phone or reply to emails very promptly, they are happy to give advice but leave it up to you to make the decision, and what we all like is their very reasonable rates! I look forward to doing business with them in the coming years!

–Owen M, Rose Hill Puppies

You knocked it out of the park!!! We were in a slow selling time when Eric told me about this Google thing called Adwords … It has lit up my phone and email with the sales I’ve been needing. I give my recommendation to both working with Castlewood and Google Adwords.

–Billy G, Dals USA

I have worked with Castlewood for around six years, they are very professional and caring. I have enjoyed every minute of it. The whole staff at Castlewood is very knowledgeable about what they do. I enjoy being able to speak to a real human when I call. Also when you call them, they treat you like a friend. Thank you!

–Sara G, Lake Stockton Bully Babies

Without a doubt Castlewood Studios are the very best web developers in the industry. Very pleasant people to work with. They understand professionalism and know how to deliver fast quality results beyond expectations. They created a state of the art website for us designed to bring high traffic to our site. Their team built our site from scratch and we are more than pleased with it. I appreciate their continuous support and guidance of our website’s capabilities. They set the bar so high that I couldn’t ask for a better company to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone. Happy customers!

–Clint & Cheri R, Sweet P Poms

We were looking to create our own website and had no idea how to get started and someone recommended Castlewood. We were very skeptical at first due to the fact that they are not in the same state and we never met them. But it took one phone call and we knew we wanted them to design our site. David and Teresa and the rest of the staff are very friendly, caring, professional in what they do. The service is prompt and has helped our business a lot. Even though we never met them we feel like we know them. 🙂

–The Schlabach Family, Amigo Acres

Read More Testimonials Here

Features Designed with Your Business in Mind

Pop-up modules* – As a visitor goes to leave your site, it gives you one last chance to make a sale.
Contact Forms – Allow you to keep your email address protected from spammers while still receiving vital messages from customers.
Puppy Agreements/Adoption Applications & Contracts – Lay things out clearly for your customers so they can’t come back later complaining they didn’t know something. Advanced/highly customized forms may incur additional charges.
Paypal & Stripe Buttons – Allow your visitors to leave puppy deposits to reserve current or future puppies, or allow them to pay their final balance and/or shipping costs.
Email Marketing & Automated Mailing Lists* – Easily send one message to hundreds or thousands of people on your mailing list. Give your visitors the ability to sign themselves up for updates about future litters, discounts and special deals.
Responsive Image Galleries – Display your puppies in attractive galleries that look great on devices of all sizes. (view samples here)

*additional charges may apply

Invested in Your Success

We understand that not everybody has the time to sit in front of a computer adding and removing puppies, optimizing pictures, etc. In fact, many of our clients have chosen to have us update their sites for them. We add upcoming litters and update pictures of available puppies, as well as remove them when they find homes. Our clients know we’re never further than a phone call or email away from doing whatever they need done, from updating their website and tweaking their advertising to giving advice based on real-world experience.

Simply put, you won’t find another company that will manage your hosting, build and manage your website and Internet marketing campaigns, work in your best interests and provide superior customer service the way Castlewood Studios does.

So if you’re thinking of selling your puppies online but don’t know where to start, what to do, or who to turn to, give us a call. We’d be happy to use our unique blend of skills to help you sell your puppies online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Castlewood Studios is now offering eCommerce websites specifically built for dog breeders! Click Here to learn more.

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Our History with Dog Breeder Websites

We started building websites for businesses back in 1997. Then and now, our clients ranged from portable building manufacturers to Chambers of Commerce and everyone in-between. But our journey with puppy websites didn’t begin until 2014, when we gained our first dog breeder as a client. A couple months later, our breeder was telling his friends how successful he had been, and shortly after that, we were getting calls from breeders all over the country wanting us to build them websites as well. Before we knew what was happening, we found ourselves blessed with the responsibility of building and managing sites for a multitude of dog breeders!

Today, we can honestly say that we have years of experience in the industry, and loads of satisfied dog breeders that can attest to our skill, knowledge, fair prices and friendly customer service. We’d love to add you to that list, so go ahead and Contact Us — you’ll be glad you did!

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