A New Type of Gallery Available for Your Website

Many of you have asked for this!

New Gallery Desktop

In the past many of you have asked for a different type of photo gallery for displaying your puppies for adoption. Some of you have requested the type that is seen in many ecommerce shopping pages with one large image and several thumbnail images below the main image. We have resisted adding this, mainly because it would require adding even more programs to your website which in turn slows down the website and often creates a conflict with other programs. On the average, our clients’ websites have 12 additional programs attached to the primary platform. These programs are for various things like your Contact Form, Stripe or PayPal, SEO, Image optimization, etc.

New Gallery Mobile 2022

However, over the last year David has been developing and testing new coding that offers a similar gallery experience without the addition of more programs. We normally suggest three images per puppy because every image added to a page can have an affect on loading time. Loading time is one of the primary criteria the search engines use to determine your ranking especially on mobile devices. Even if you decide to have us setup this new gallery on your site, we still suggest no more than five or six images per puppy. In the sample shown here, the thumbnail images under the main image will become smaller with the more pictures you have. Five seems to be a good number for aesthetic reasons as well as functionality.

To see a working sample of this new format along with other formats that we currently use, you can click here.

It also takes longer to create this new layout per puppy listing. If you are having us add your puppies, please keep in mind that we charge for the time so you can expect to see a slight rise in the cost. I hope you understand.

If you want us to incorporate this new style, please contact us through email or by phone.

As always we appreciate you more than you know. The many hours David has spent developing and testing this is simply a way for us to meet your request and serve you as best as possible.

Thank you for being part of our family.


Everyone at Castlewood

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