We’ve Sped Up Your Website

Along with the many updates we have performed this month to your website, we have also reconfigured your site for increased speed (see “Compression” below). We also have some exciting news about a new system that allows the owners of websites to update their sites themselves, with nothing more than a smart-phone or tablet (see … Continue reading We’ve Sped Up Your Website

Castlewood Remote Posting

Imagine being able to update your website in just a few minutes using nothing more than your smart-phone, laptop or tablet.  All you would have to do is simply write an email, press send and in minutes visitors to your site can see news updates or limited specials going on at your business. On top … Continue reading Castlewood Remote Posting

24 Hour Monitoring

Castlewood Adds 24 hour Monitoring to Your Website As another added service to you, our partners, we have been testing a new monitoring service to help us stay on top of any hiccups for all of our clients’ websites. Castlewood will absorb any extra cost associated with this new service so it will not affect … Continue reading 24 Hour Monitoring

Why We Love Google Calendar

Google calendar is a part of Google’s free email service “Gmail”.  At Castlewood, our business could not run without Gmail and Google Calendar.  I can’t image any business that could not improve efficiency by using it. Let me give you real world examples of how we use Google Calendar around here. For example, when we … Continue reading Why We Love Google Calendar

Automatic Phone Billboard

Here is a tip contributed by one of our clients, Speedy’s Auction Service.  A great way to reach your customers via phone to let them know about upcoming sales, promotions or just informing them of changes in something is to use a service called VoiceShout (http://www.voiceshot.com/public/outboundcalls.asp?ref=VoiceBroadcast_voice+broadcasting ).  Voice Shout is an Outbound Voice Broadcasting Phone … Continue reading Automatic Phone Billboard

How Important is a Website?

How Important is a Website? If You Don’t Have a Store – Your Website is Your Store If You Don’t Have a Sales Force – Your Website is Your Sales Force If You Don’t Have a Receptionist – Your Website is Your Receptionist If You Don’t Have a Customer Support Division – Your Website is … Continue reading How Important is a Website?