Cheap Websites – You Get What You Pay For

Blog Cheap Website PicMaking a website, whether for personal or business reasons, takes time and careful planning. Without proper search-engine optimization, structure, layout, and much more, visitors may never find your site, or write it off in the first few seconds if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

While there are an increasing number of free programs that allow you to make your own website, in reality it’s not that simple. Just because your nephew, neighbor, or friend can add some pictures and text to a webpage doesn’t mean the site will attract and convert customers. And if it doesn’t do that, what is it doing for you?

There are thousands of pages online covering every topic imaginable related to web design, like the optimal font size for posts, the best way to create a navigation menu, how to write for different kinds of readers, understanding the way people typically read a page, and much more. This means making a website that meets you needs takes time, experience, and commitment.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Ask yourself; would you rather have a certified, experienced mechanic work on your vehicle, or some random person that knocked on your door?

Castlewood Studios is often asked to fix existing websites created by someone else. Many times, these updates (and outright fixes) cost their owners more in the long run than if they had sought a professional in the first place. Don’t waste your time and money dealing with amateurs and con artists, seek professional solutions.

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