Other Legal Video Services


Other Legal Video Services

Here Is a List of Many of the Other Legal Services We Offer At This Time


Video Depositions (Testimony Under Oath)

Video recording testimony under oath. Usually done with a certified court reporter on hand as well as various council and deponents. In order to withstand impeachment, it is critical that the videographer and court reporter be disinterested third parties. (video depositions)


Courtroom Evidence Presentation

Consists of multimedia display of evidence for the judge, jury and council. Operator must act and dress appropriately as well as be able to start, stop and jump to various points within the actual presentation.


Insurance Investigation – Forensic examinations of boats, houses, cars and incident reconstructions

Many times the object of debate cannot be brought into the courtroom. In most cases, video speaks a hundred times louder and clearer than still photos and slides.


Activities of Daily Living Documentaries (A Day in the Life Video)

An ADL can be extremely effective during courtroom proceedings. It is imperative to use a trained legal videographer for this type of video. An ADL can be so persuasive and powerful that they are highly regulated and can easily be thrown out of court if done incorrectly. (ADL)


Mediation Documentaries (Settlement Brochures)

This type of video is more like the documentaries seen on special news programs. They are meant to convey to the opposing council the strength of an argument. These are the only types of legal video where emotion can be enhanced with music, unrelated video and other techniques.


Recording of Will & Pre-Nuptial Agreements

The best way to counter the possibility of a will or pre-nuptial agreement from being challenged is with the proper use of video. Again, a trained specialist is necessary here because one false movement of the camera can impeach the entire video.


Pre-Construction Surveys

Pre-Construction video is often used as insurance against false claims of damage by individuals against a government or private construction company. (construction videos)


Construction Draw Videos

Mortgage lenders many times require proof of construction progress as they lend in tiers. Armed with a specification list, we can video and ship proof of construction within 24 hours.  (construction videos)


Post Construction Inspection Videos

Real estate personnel will often recommend a home inspection be done by a professional home inspector when construction is complete. Home buyers will sometimes hire a legal videographer to record a walk through before they close on a home. This record can then be used to point out flaws and problems should they occur.  (construction videos)


Recording of Crime Scenes

In certain situations it will be necessary to video record a crime scene. In order to ensure that the police and other inspectors are protected, it is important that this videographer be an impartial party.


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