Save Time & Money with Stripe’s Auto-Reserve Buttons

If you’ve ever used something like PayPal buttons on your website, you’ve probably discovered their lack of easy inventory control. This means you might end up selling the same product more than once, and having to issue refunds to disappointed customers. Nobody wants that! Thankfully, Castlewood Studios has developed a solution that’s easy for both you and your customers to use, all while not costing an arm and a leg to implement. If you think this is something that would benefit your business, read on the learn more.

Seeing is Believing

Below you will see a before-and-after image of how product listings would look with these auto-reserve buttons installed.

How it works is simple – at least for you and your customers! Once someone pushes the “Reserve Now” button, a box pops up where they enter their credit card info and complete their payment. Once their payment has gone through, the customer is taken to a “Thank you” page showing their order details, and an email is generated and sent out to both the buyer and seller containing those same order details. Last, the button automatically changes to a big “RESERVED” block that no longer allows anyone else to buy/reserve that same product.

This also works with multiples of the same product. Imagine you have four hoodies left to sell. You simply create a button for the hoodies, enter the remaining stock (4) into the button’s inventory section and save your changes. Once those four items have been sold, the button will automatically change to the “RESERVED” state and not allow further purchases.

Now for the catch (there’s always a catch, isn’t there?) In order for these auto-reserve buttons to work, you must have a Stripe account. Thankfully, Stripe accounts are free and quick/easy to create – we’ll even do it for you as part of the setup process.

In fact, Castlewood recommends all of our eCommerce sites use Stripe due to their reliability and customer support – regardless of if you use auto-reserve buttons or not. If you already have a PayPal account, don’t worry about making the switch; similar to PayPal, your new Stripe account will accept all major credit/debit cards and trendy digital wallets like Venmo, and will automatically transfer funds to your bank account.

HIDDEN Stripe is very much like PayPal, except they cater more to the small business seller, whereas PayPal caters more to the buyer. Because of this difference, many businesses have moved away from PayPal in favor of Stripe. When a product is purchased or reserved, you as the seller will automatically get a receipt from Stripe letting you know the order details and that you have money in your account. Your buyer will automatically receive an email receipt from Stripe acknowledging the purchase as well.

The Price of Progress

Wondering what it will cost to have this premium feature added to your website? Turns out, a lot less than you’d probably think. When we first started testing programs, we estimated it would require at least one hundred dollars to implement such a system. However, we kept digging, and found a better solution with Stripe, meaning it will only cost you $45 to have this featured added.

With such a low price, you’re probably wondering how much profit we’re making from this deal. The truth is, none; it just covers our costs to set up, add, and test it on your website. So why are we offering it? Because we’re not doing this to make a profit off of you; Castlewood is always trying to find ways to provide more value to our clients, and we believe this is a great way to do that very thing!

One other note: When adding products to your site, it will take roughly one minute extra per product to create these buttons. However, this time should be offset by not having to log back into your site and manually mark the products sold/reserved or issue refunds to your customers, thereby saving you time and money in the long run!

If you are interested in having us add this new Stripe Button to your site, please call Teresa at 417-532-2329 or email her at

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