How Big a Website Do You Really Need?

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Just Starting Out?

Is A Complicated Website The Best Use Of Your Advertising Budget?

Everyone knows that most businesses today have some sort of Internet presence. As a matter of fact, many businesses derive all of their income from the Internet and special websites developed for this purpose. For some, a simple site that basically contains the business’s contact information and a description is all that is needed.

Of course web designers can’t charge as much to build and maintain a simple one or two page website. That is why they will usually try to sell you a larger package than what is needed for your business.

However, at Castlewood Studios, we believe in mutually-beneficial relationships, and want to do what is best for your business. The decision to have a one page website or a 100 page website needs to be made strictly on your business’s needs. Quite often your advertising budget could be best used elsewhere than on a larger website that won’t benefit your business any more than a smaller one. In most cases, we recommend starting with two or three pages. You can always add more pages any time you want. Of course there are exceptions. However, Castlewood Studios can provide whatever size website you may need.

We also submit your website to the most popular search engines, so potential customers can locate you through Google, Yahoo Bing, and others. Your website will be accessible to the millions of people who are now receiving Internet streaming through their cell phones and personal PDA’s as well.

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