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Wedding Videography is an Art & No One Captures the Moment Like Missouri’s Castlewood Studios!

Cherish and Relive Your Wedding Day! (with our expert videotaping services)
Weddings are considered to be one of the happiest times of your life.  It is one of the few celebrations that reunite loved ones from near and far.  It represents the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a time to celebrate becoming husband and wife and beginning a new family.

Wedding DVDYou will soon find after the many months of planning that goes into your wedding and reception, the day goes by extremely fast.  Past clients will confirm that not only did the day go by fast, but also they have difficulty remembering a lot of it.  They often describe the day as a blur.

Nothing can capture the essence, emotion and memories of a wedding celebration quite like a wedding video.  Only through video can you truly relive your special day with all the sights and sounds.  Since it is a time of celebration, you will often witness many of your guests truly enjoying themselves.  Weddings create a tremendous opportunity to capture the magic and emotion of these special moments.  A wedding video is a wonderful keepsake for families to enjoy for generations to come.  Wedding videos make it possible for children to see what really happened at their parents’ wedding.  They get to see relatives they may have never met.  Most people will agree that their most valuable belongings are their photos, videos and memories.  Photos show how someone looked, great wedding videography shows what they were really like.

Cherish and relive your wedding day.  Protect precious memories of those special times with family and friends.  Allow Castlewood Studios’ wedding videographers and video taping services to capture and preserve those extraordinary once in a lifetime moments on video that you will treasure the rest of your life!  Call 417-532-2329 and let’s get started planning today!



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