Legal Construction Video


Legal Construction Videos

One of the Best Forms of Insurance, Documenting & Proof

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Construction Videos

Video is used in the construction industry for documentation and insurance.  In order for a construction video to withstand scrutiny, the video must be done by a disinterested third party.  There are various procedures that must be observed to stand up in a court of law.  Our staff is aware of these procedures and stay up-to-date on all of the changes regarding acceptable construction videos.


Who Are the Clients for Construction Videos?
It is not enough to say that generally anyone who is involved in construction can and often should use a construction video.  Here is a small list of our clients:

* Major Developers
* Construction Firms
* Federal, State and Local Governments
* Homeowners
* Banks and Mortgage Lenders
* Insurance Companies
* Real Estate Brokers



Pre-Construction Surveys

Construction companies and utility companies are always in danger of being on the receiving end of claims, either false or legitimate, by home and business owners.  Pre-construction surveys are a great insurance to protect the company in situations that may arise from claims of damage.  By having the area recorded by a certified videographer, who is a disinterested third party, prior to construction, claims of damage can quickly be put to rest.  These videos can show existing cracks, torn fences or land damage before equipment was brought into the area.


Construction Draw Videos

Usually clients for Construction Draw Videos are banks and other lending institutions.  A large amount of construction is paid for in “draws” as the work progresses.  A certified videographer, who is a disinterested third party, can arrive at the location of construction with a detailed list of areas to record.  Video is much better in this situation then still photographs because there can be no question as to when and where the recording actually took place.  Photographs can sometimes be misleading.  Video on the other hand gives the lender a much better feel for what progress has been made.  It is the next best thing to actually being there and many times much less costly.


Post-Construction Inspection

Real Estate Brokers have begun using professional home inspectors to protect themselves against liability regarding false claims of homes they may be selling.  A video of the home inspector performing the inspection creates an almost impeachable record of the building or grounds.


Homeowners and builders have also begun using a certified videographer, who is a disinterested third party, to do a walk through of remodeling jobs and new construction to argue their case against shoddy workmanship.

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