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Activities of Daily Living Documentaries

Also Referred to as “A Day in the Life” Videos
One of the most Powerful Tools a Litagation team can use!


Activities of Daily Living Documentaries Legal Video

ADL Documentaries have become increasing popular as a way for a plaintiff to present his or her case to a jury.  An ADL can be extremely effective when done correctly.  This type of documentary can also be easily impeached if not done correctly.  Excessive emotion, pain or exaggerated hardships are not allowed in a federal court when it comes to an ADL.  Even improper lighting can be attacked by the defense.  There is a very fine line that the videographer must walk between effectively getting the point across, but not showing the slightest sign of bias or manipulation.  You absolutely do not want to use someone for this critical tool who has not been certified.

Activities of Daily Living are also known as “A Day In The Life” videos.  The purpose of an ADL is to portray to the judge and jury, the consequential damages of a plaintiff due to an accident or injury.  The idea is to demonstrate how the plaintiff’s life has been altered, but this MUST be done with honesty and accuracy!  The idea is for the viewer to be able to judge or measure the loss by the plaintiff.  It allows the jury to place themselves into the environment of the plaintiff and see things through their eyes.  Judges have ruled that this is one of the best ways to convey the loss to a jury and to evaluate the loss.

It has been found that most often an individual will learn to adapt to his or her loss and will have a tendency to minimize their situation.  It is because of this that a plaintiff usually makes for a bad witness for themselves.


ADL Documentaries should not be too long or too short.  These types of video can be captivating, but if they go on too long the jury may become bored or too comfortable with the plaintiff’s hardship and less empathetic.  Timing is critical and just a few minutes one way or another can affect the outcome of the case.


ADL Documentaries also must be easily understood and have a beginning, middle and a closing.  Key points must be repeated in various ways in order to be retained by the viewer.


Activities of Daily Living videos have a proven track record.  If you are not using ADL Documentaries, you owe it to yourself and your clients to give it some serious consideration.

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