DVD Packaging


People Do Judge A DVD By Its Cover!

Castlewood Studios Offers Several Styles of Cases & Sleeves

DVD Packaging Samples

DVD / CD Package Samples


Sample of Packaging Options for you to consider


Packaging for your newly created masterpiece is like the framing of a valuable painting.  Cost is most certainly a consideration, but also are first impressions, shipping expenses and perceived value.  We will be more than happy to discuss this with you and help you to weed through these variables.  One thing is for sure, no matter what packaging option you choose, Castlewood will deliver each one tested and shrink wrapped for a quality product in which you will be proud to have.

Mechanical Cases with spring loaded extractor

Mechanical Cases

Standard Cardboard Sleeves

Standard Cardboard Sleeves

Standard DVD Cases

Standard 4 Color Cases

Jewel Cases with or without printed covers

Jewel Cases with printed covers

Plastic Clamshell Cases

Plastic Clamshell Cases

Paper or Non-Tear Tyvek Sleeves

Paper or Tyvek Sleeves

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