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Home-Page-Videographer-Pic_croppedNothing Gets Your Message Across Better than a Professional Video Produced by Castlewood

Video, combined with stimulating music, appropriate presentation, and professionally designed graphics, helps create an unbeatable investment that is unsurpassed by any other alternative when it comes to effectively marketing your business.

Due to advances in technology, professional video production has become the most cost effective way to reach and influence large numbers of people around the world. What was once a medium that only large businesses could afford now has become the primary marketing tool for all businesses. Here at Castlewood, we have decades of experience producing, packaging, and distributing professional video projects for a variety of clients and purposes, from dance recitals to commercials to advertising campaigns.

Think shaky iPhone footage, garbled audio, and amateur editing is going to do your business any favors? Think again! Castlewood Studios has the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to create the most cost-effective, professional videos available for small to medium sized businesses.

Here Are Just A Few Ways to Take Advantage of The Power of Video:

  • Market Your Product or Company With Exciting Demonstrations
  • Stimulate Sales & Educate The Public On What You Have To Offer
  • Provide Detailed Instructions On How To Use Your Product
  • Create Company Training Videos
  • Add A Video Promotion To Your Website

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then video speaks volumes!

Combined with music, sounds and voice, video is the ultimate communication medium. Whether your goal is promotion, information, or education, nothing makes your message clearer than a well thought-out, professionally produced video.

At Castlewood, we utilize top-of-the-line artists like videographers, editors, producers and writers to create the best possible presentation of your message in video format. Through this media, our artists can help your message inspire emotion, incite action, and inform your audience about not just your product or brand, but about who you really are, as well.

We’ve successfully filmed, produced, edited, packaged, and delivered scores of video projects over the years, for all kinds of clients with all kinds of goals. Here’s a short sampling of the projects we’ve completed in the past:

  • Professional-caliber videos for websites
  • Videos for online advertising
  • Commercials
  • Instructional and Educational videos
  • Concerts and music videos
  • Dance Recitals

Our current price for an average professional web video is $629.  Many competitors charge from $2,300 to over $3,000.  (We know this for a fact, because many of them charge their clients these astronomical fees and then hire Castlewood Studios to do the work for a fraction of the cost.) We will send a crew to your location and produce a fantastic promotional video of your product or service for use on your website for a fraction of that cost (extra mileage cost may be incurred if business is over a 30 mile radius from our location).  This promotional video becomes yours to use for other marketing venues and promotions.

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Video can have a magical impact, but only if done properly and professionally!

video camera_307x200A good video product requires superb technology and technicians, but a great video project requires artists who have a personal connection to the final masterpiece! If your project is so important that you can only trust it with people that care as much about the finished product as you do, then call on Castlewood- Where your video is our painting, and your reputation is our responsibility. You better belive we take that responsibility seriously.

Whether you want to impart information, elicit emotion, or some combination of the two, Castlewood can help turn your ideas into reality, and bring them to a wider audience.

Call 417 -532-2329 now, and talk to a Castlewood representative about your next potential masterpiece.

What our clients say:

You guys did a fantastic job! Thank you for all your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated and the quality of your work is amazing!”N. Modglin, AT&T Advertising & Publishing

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am truly amazed by the quality of your work and it is evident your company is fantastic.  This is far better and beyond anything I expected. I appreciate that you made grooming appear to be a real career that means something and not just working with doggies and kitties.” –Rose, Paws and Claws

I had a terribly bad experience with [a previous videographer]. You reassured me that Castlewood had an excellent reputation and I would be pleased with the final product. You were ABSOLUTELY correct. I am very pleased with the overall sound and color quality. The editing was superb. I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in exceptional quality in video productions. Thanks so much.”L. Roberson, Lebanon Mo

Recently you completed a video for us, the third one you have done for us. I wanted to take some time to tell you how much we appreciate what you do. You have consistently produced a quality product based on our vision and goals, you have treated our clients with the professionalism we want reflected back to us. You contribute greatly to our ability to market unique properties and build our clients confidence in us. Thanks again and keep up the good work, we cant wait for the next project.”P. Spencer, Realty Executives

More About Castlewood’s Professional Video Production Services


Video Makes Websites Come Alive!

hands phone video_320x183Video offers a host of benefits to both websites and the companies that run them; increased engagement, increased understanding, increased traffic, conversions, and sales. Click here to read how video is taking the advertising world by storm. Click here to learn how you can use video to advertise online. Click here to discover how video can drive traffic and sales to your website.

The problem is that not just any video will do. All the elements of a video must work together to build up interest and emotional investment from visitors to your website. If even one part of a video is out of sync, if just one element takes the viewer away from your message, instead of drawing them deeper, then your video has failed- and not all the fancy editing in the world can fix it.

Amateurs and family members with smartphones just aren’t up to the task of producing professional-level video for websites. You need people with years of training and experience. You need Castlewood Studios!

Call us today at 417-532-2329, and find out how cost-effectively Castlewood’s videos can work for you!

Video Page Stock Footage Count Down PicCastlewood Now Offering Low Cost Stock Footage Commercials

Nothing Captures Attention Better Than Video – Now Even Businesses on a Tight Budget Can Reap The Benefits!

If you are looking for a lower-cost alternative to our video production services, consider our budget-friendly stock-footage videos! With this option, you still get a professionally-produced video, but instead of sending our videographers to your location to shoot the footage, we instead use stock footage from our expansive library, saving you both time and money.

Exciting Website Commercials for Half the Cost. For more information Click Here.

We Film, Edit and Produce High Quality Videos & Professional DVDs!

People Do Judge A DVD By Its Cover!

Castlewood Studios Offers Several Styles of Printed Discs, Cases, and Protective Sleeves.

DVD Packaging SamplesPackaging for your newly created masterpiece is like the framing of a valuable painting. Cost and shipping expense are certainly important considerations, but so are things like that first impression, or perceived value.

After your video project is completed and our graphic artists have created a unique cover design and your pre-approved master is professionally replicated and inspected, the next step is packaging.

We have a wide selection of packaging options for you to choose from, such as inexpensive paper or no-tear Tyvek sleeves, plastic clam-shell holders, full color printed cardboard containers, jewel cases with or without printed inserts, convenient mechanical pop-out trays, and of course standard four-color DVD cases, all expertly manufactured for a professional product that you’ll be proud to have represent your message and your brand.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be! We’re more than happy to discuss the various packaging options available to you, and will help you decide which option is the best fit for your project.

No matter what packaging option you choose, Castlewood will deliver a quality product you’ll be proud to show the world.

Click Here For more information about packaging,  or Call 417-532-2329.

Watch Video Samples

Click Here to explore dozens of videos Castlewood Studios has produced for our clients over the years.

Wedding Videography is an ART!

No One Captures the Moment Like Missouri’s Castlewood Studios! Click Here for more information.

Video Page Legal Scales

Certified Legal Video

Castlewood Studios’ videographers are trained & certified in Video Depositions as well as Mediation, Construction, & Activities of Daily Living (ADL) documentaries. Click Here.

Video Page Camera Lense

Educate Yourself On Using Video

Click Here for Articles About Improving Your Videos, Using Video on Websites, Video Promotions, and Marketing Your Business With Video.

Video Page Shaking Hands Pic
Over 75% of our clients are return customers. That is because the people at Castlewood strive to build a lasting relationship with all of our customers.We Can Provide All of Your Video Taping Needs! (Proudly providing construction videotaping services to Ft. Leonard Wood and St. Robert, Missouri areas.)

Now Offering Certified Legal Videography (including depositions), Starting at ONLY $250


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