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Scientific Advertising Book Free DownloadScientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins

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Marketing and advertising are both a craft and an art.  Claude Hopkins however also turned it into a science.  Through years of dedicated study and experimentation, Mr. Hopkins learned how to separate the myth and ideological views about advertising into something much more concrete.

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Although times have changed since this book was written, people’s motivation and triggers have not changed since the beginning of time.  Claude Hopkins learned how to tap into these basic human triggers to become one of the most sought after ad-men of his times.

What Am I Doing Wrong?
It is almost certain that you are following accepted practices of advertising your business that are practically a waste of time and resources.  The bottom line of marketing and advertising is SALES!  Cute commercials, innovative new products and blitz marketing is what ad-men sell, not results.  As Mr. Hopkins points out, advertising agents make their living on selling a service to a client, not selling products.  So they can sometimes be persuaded to offer the client something that they think the client will go crazy over, knowing good and well that the campaign will flop.  Now it is time to discover for yourself what does and what does not really working the field of marketing and advertising.

Here is a list of the table of contents:

Table of Contents:
1. How Advertising Laws Are Established
2. Just Salesmanship
3. Offer Service
4. Mail Order Advertising and What It Teaches
5. Headlines
6. Psychology
7. Being Specific
8. Tell Your Full Story
9. Art in Advertising
10. Things Too Costly
11. Information
12. Strategy
13. Use of Samples
14. Getting Distribution
15. Test Campaigns
16. Leaning on Dealers
17. Individuality
18. Negative Advertising
19. Letter Writing
20. A Name That Helps
21. Good Business

Download this timeless classic now for FREE.

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