Producing a DVD is Where the Money Is

DVD Packaging SamplesProducing a DVD is Where the Money Is

If you are a small business, large corporation or a small time movie maker, producing a DVD of your video production is one of the best investments you can make.  If you have gone the route of having a  professional video produced for your website or some other presentation and not had it duplicated onto high quality professionally burned and printed DVDs, then you are leaving money on the table.

First of all, the biggest expense in any video production is the video taping service and the editing.  Believe it or not, most often the editing is three to four times more costly than the video taping.  Sometimes it can be even higher.  On many projects we can easily rack up ten hours of editing for every one hour of video time.  There are quite a few professional videographers that allocate forty hours of editing for every one hour of video.

In any case, you have made the commitment to have the video and editing done and your project is complete.  Why not spend just a little more and have the project put on a professional DVD and sell or distribute this project to others?  DVD’s carry a high sense of value.  This perceived value to the end user usually is in the order of DVDs in paper sleeves to DVDs in Jewel Cases to DVDs in full color cases.  The DVD in a full color case can carry a perceived value of anywhere from $15 up to $100 and the cost difference is minimal.

If you are a company with a service or a product to sell, there is no better marketing tool than these high valued products that can be used as promotional or educational material for your current and potential clients.  Best of all, if you are giving them away the recipient feels that you have given them something of very high value.  This goes a long way in building rapport and loyalty with present and future customers.

Another good reason to get that video on disc is that it makes it much easier for others to distribute and share with friends and family.  For example, once I was considering laying my own ceramic tile.  I had never done it before and really did not know where to begin.  When I was shopping around, one of the tile stores I visited loaned me a video tape, (in the days before DVDs), on how to lay ceramic tile.  This gave me the confidence to purchase the material from the store that loaned me the tape and to tackle a job that I might have otherwise completely dismissed.  Loaning me this tape brought in close to $1000 to that store owner.  Needless to say this was a great move on the owner’s part and I am just one of many people he loaned it to.

Over time people have shared DVDs with me from an outfitter in Colorado on Whitewater rafting, purchasing and using a plasma cutter, making money on eBay, making ceramic molds, playing the guitar, learning to sing and dozens of others.  Almost all of these had several things in common.  They introduced me to someone’s product or service, made me comfortable with the company or purchasing from them and educated me on the service, product or business.

So if you have made the jump to having a video taping service produce a video for you and not yet put this video on a DVD for distribution, then you have only gone half way.  The cost of producing the DVD is low and the rewards can be extremely high.


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