Is Video Taking Over the World?

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How to Survive the Small Business Advertising Boogie

Are you like so many small business owners who are constantly fighting the “Get on the First Page of Google” shuffle?  If you have not heard, as of last month Google is no longer the top search engine on the Internet!  YouTube, the popular public video sharing website with its own search engine, had more searches than the familiar Google search box.  In reality Google owns YouTube so Google is still the top dog.  Therefore, we may be splitting hairs.  From a small business owner’s point of view, however, the implications are eye opening and possibly game changing.

Like it or not, our society is overwhelmingly becoming more video oriented.  Video is the way of the future.   As small business owners, we must embrace it even if that is reluctantly.  People who come to your website almost expect to see as well as hear what you are all about.  In a world where people are inundated with hundreds of messages a day, potential customers are looking for ways to cut corners in making decisions.  One way that they are doing this is by learning to quickly size up (judge) a business visually.  This does not mean that a good website should not have text or that people have stopped reading.  It means potential clients are looking for a way to weed through the clutter so their limited time can be used on only the best candidates.  Once a decision is made, then and only then will they devote their precious time to reading more in-depth about your product or services.

Learning the right ways and wrong ways to use your website and videos for marketing can quite possibly be some of the most important business decisions you can make.  Only about 10% of Castlewood’s new clients come from traditional marketing.  Roughly 40% comes from Internet marketing and our website and 50% comes from word of mouth.

When we first started out as strictly a video production company, we struggled like all small businesses with knowing where to place our marketing resources.  We realize what it is like to be a small business and to buy advertising that wound up just being money thrown out the window.  We bought radio spots, newspaper ads, phone book ads and even advertising shown on the movie screens before the movie.  Not understanding marketing at the time and the best use of our resources almost killed us before we got started.  Over ten years we studied every nuance of marketing and experimented with thousands of dollars to discover what works and what doesn’t.  Through education, painful failures and unexpected successes, we acquired insight into marketing we would hope to pass along to other small businesses.

One of Castlewood Studios’ core values is to help small businesses have a fighting chance and to hopefully save thousands of dollars in wasted marketing campaigns.

Always feel free to give us a call or email if you have questions or want to pick our brains about your marketing efforts.

Again, this kind of work can be both exciting as well as nerve racking.  Almost everything has to be done on the fly and preparation is the key.


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