Castlewood Is Now Offering Pet Breeder-Optimized eCommerce Websites!

Let’s be honest – if you’re a dog breeder, all you need to sell your puppies is a normal website with something like Paypal or Stripe buttons. In fact, such websites are frequently requested by our clients so that their visitors feel like they’ve just stepped into a private home or nursery, rather than a busy office. And over the years, many of our clients have sold puppies on these types of websites very successfully.

But some people prefer a more commercial feel to their website, as well as access to advanced selling features only eCommerce sites can provide. With those breeders in mind, Castlewood Studios is now offering eCommerce websites specifically built to sell puppies!

We’ll run through how it works below. If you have additional questions or would like us to build such a website for your business, please Contact Us.

Click here to see a live version of the sample site referenced below

The first thing visitors see is the homepage, where visitors can see at a glance the various breeds of puppies available, as well as pages like About, Reviews, Contact Us, etc.

Unlike standard websites, eCommerce sites allow for advanced product sorting. This means puppies can be featured, put on sale, and automatically broken up into various breeds and/or categories.

When a visitor views a breed, they’re taken to a page showing all matching puppies. Whenever one of these puppies is purchased, they can be set to automatically disappear from the product listings if desired, prioritizing available pups.

After clicking on a puppy, the visitor is taken to a page just for that individual dog. Here they can learn more about that puppy, view other images of them, and most importantly, use the payment button to reserve them!

In addition, below that particular puppy will be listings of other similar offerings, like littermates or even other breeds. Should they decide they want to keep browsing, visitors can simply click the image of the next puppy they want to learn about.

Once a visitor has chosen their puppy (or puppies!), they can visit their Cart, where they can view and edit their desired purchases/reservations.

Lastly, the buyer will enter their billing and shipping information just like they would on an eCommerce site like Amazon or eBay. After completing the process, they’ll automatically receive an email confirming their reservation. The seller of the puppy will also automatically get an email with the buyer’s details and payment info.

Every brand speaks to their customers – what does yours say about you?

Many people get away with a hand-made feel to their puppy website – which can even even work to their advantage! But a growing number of customers, especially the younger generations, are trained to buy from modern websites that look like Amazon, eBay, etc. These buyers expect attractive image galleries, automated emails, dynamic sorting, categories and tags, and all the other advancements that have come to eCommerce in recent years.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a solution that meets and exceeds these expectations. Our eCommerce platform includes secure on-site payment processing to protect you and your visitors from losing money. Integrated mailing lists/newsletters keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Full-featured reporting saves you time and headaches managing contact info and order details. Advanced product sorting increases sales by letting customers easily find just what they’re looking for. The coupon editor and analytics integration help make your marketing efforts more effective. These features all work together seamlessly to help you sell your puppies and make your life easier!

If that sounds like a bunch of techno-babble, you’re not alone! Most of our clients are too busy running their businesses to become computer experts. That’s why they trust us to help them be more effective online. And while all those features come standard with every eCommerce site, you’ll benefit from even the most basic implementation. Basically, we’ll help design your site to be as simple or involved as desired, while still giving you all the benefits!

There used to be a time when most businesses simply couldn’t afford such an advanced eCommerce website. But now, thanks to advancements in technology, Castlewood is delighted to offer this cutting-edge technology to our partners in the pet industry.

If you want to stand out from the competition and grab attention with a professional, cutting-edge eCommerce website tailored to your needs, contact Castlewood Studios today!

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